Site management building services

Site management building services

In this service area, we take over the construction management of the building project for the client. We are then responsible for the proper execution of the construction work, coordinate the trades, monitor the construction activities and ensure compliance with the construction plan, the quality of execution and the planning specifications.

Technical coordination of building technology

Technical coordination is an important part of complex construction projects with coordination requirements. It comprises the overall coordination of the building services before / during / after execution on the basis of the tasks and objectives agreed with the client. The focus is on organization, management, deadlines and costs as well as communication and coordination with the project participants.

Client consultation

When advising clients, we are primarily active in supporting the realization of the project. The focus is on advice, not management. We want to enable non-professional builders to make competent decisions during the construction phase. This applies in particular to project organization and implementation.

In some cases, we make use of external specialist planners as required, but we always retain responsibility for the overall planning.

Our focus in the area of specialist construction management is on cost and schedule control, quality assurance and keeping lists of pending issues and defects.

Depending on requirements, we accompany the commissioning and test phase through to completion with handover of the construction documentation.

Spot checks on the execution of installation work and its function

Ensuring quality, carrying out assembly checks and managing pending issues and defect lists

Controls of management, payment on account and final invoices

Ensuring costs and deadlines

Support during commissioning and test phase

Carrying out factory tests

Checking the building documentation


Damage to a property under construction or already in use is inevitable.

I can provide you with competent support in damage recording, logging and cost controlling.